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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm alive... really I am...

I'm just.... busy!

I have three research papers due in a couple weeks and my contemporary literature prof thinks we're all speed readers (or students with no life) and assign entire novels (like... 350 pagers) to read in an evening...

Stuipd Biotch!!!

I have not picked up a knitting needle since .....

(I'll wait while you sit down)

(Maybe you better grab some aspirin too in case you go into spontaneous cardiac arrest)

(Well... to be on the safe side .... call 911 now...)

...since beginning of February!!!!!!!!!

Whoa... no wonder I've been so cranky lately....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"opening ceremonies" - a paper I wrote for my english class on the day the knitting olympics started!!!!

Okies... I know... I've been MIA. Trust me... I HAVE been busy!!!! My planner (a weekly one that the school has all our events and sport games and days off and whatnot and can be purchased that the bookstore for a measly 5.95) has been outgrown. Each page measures abouts 8 x 5 or so... prolly little bit smaller... and a two page spread covers an entire week. Well... this week... there is NO white space ANYWHERE on my planner. I have had SO many assingments and papers due this week and it's only wednesday. I thought two weeks ago was bad with tests and what not... no... (last week was spring break for us... usually the week before a long break the profs pile the work on). For some odd reason, my english professor decided it would be a good idea to read On the Road by Jack Keruac in two class periods. We had to have the first half of the book read by Monday and the rest has to be read before class tomorrow. We also have to write a paper about something about the characters morals or lack or something or other (can you tell I haven't really had the TIME to look at the assingment she sent us THIS MORNING via email!?!?!?!?!). Ok... So this book has 307 pages and each page took me about 1-2 minutes. Do the math to tell me how long it took me to read this book. (ok I'll do it for you.....10 hours at 2 minutes per page... dividing it up again for having it done in two class periods... that's 5 hours of outside work for ONE CLASS PERIOD). Did she just assume that we would read the whole damn book over spring break!? Umm... I worked and spent the week going to psych appointments (I have ADD) and dentist and getting Cal and Tay registered for ealry childhood screening and cleaning my mom's house because she's a CPA and during tax season she works 8am-10pm and my dad doesn't know which end of the broom does the sweeping. Callie and Taylor also had two skating shows that they were in (one saturday and one sunday plus a dress rehearsal friday night) and of course gymnastics on saturday morning. RAR....

So I didn't finish my knitting olympics project. I got REALLY close though. I have the front, back, and sleeves completed. I would have had it done though but I had to completely frog the front and redo it after I had already completed a front and back. The instructions were a little off and so when I did the back (I had done the front first) I went with my instincts and went with what looked good rather than what the pattern said. I still have to do the collar part and put it all together. I really like it though!!!! It's coming Amy!!!!!!!

I haven't picked up a knitting needle in so long. Like i mentioned above... I have ADD. I dappled a little bit with polymer clay and made a giraffe pen and a moose pen (which callie promptly broke the antler off of by accident and then started bawling cause I had just told her to be careful with it. I felt really bad and told her it was ok. It's just a pen for pete's sake! I told her mommy will glue it back on. She then showed the pen off to grandma and grandpa and great grandma and great grandpa (who had come to watch their skating show) and explained, "It's broken but Mommy is going to fix it.... It's ok... Don't worry!!!" She's so funny...

Doing polymer clay was nice over spring break when I was home because I could sit at the table with Cal and Tay and work on "projects" with them. I made them some play do late one night cause evidently all their super expensive play do brand stuff dried out and shtuff.. Jeez... what a big waste of money that stuff is... for pete's sake a kid can eat the homemade stuff and not get sick. Plus you can add KoolAid to it instead of food coloring and it will smell good too!

Oh! The point of my post! I'm only taking my English class to fulfill a humanities requirement here at school. Contemporary Literature is what it's about. We're (finally) over poetry (god I hate that stuff...) and onto REAL literature. We started off dappling in short stories and what not and spent a day talking about different classifications of lit. One of the subjects is a genre called hypertext and we were instructed to write a narrative in hypertext. I would explain what hypertext is... but if you are at all computer literate you know what it means in the computer world. Think of it in the literature sense as computer hypertext on paper... ??? get it...???? If not read my paper and you will understand:

Opening Ceremony

Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep. She slowly got up to hit the snooze button on her alarm clock (She hates the sound of the beeping but if it were set to wake up to radio, she’d continue sleeping, incorporating whatever song was playing into her dreams). Beep…Beep… Beep. After forty five minutes of hitting the snooze (she hit the snooze button five times, and each time she hits it, she gets an extra nine minutes in Dream Land), she sleepily crawled out of her warm bed. She walked to the fridge and grabbed a Diet Coke (making a pot of coffee in the morning takes too much effort. Besides, warm drinks make her slightly sleepy), and then sat down in front of her laptop to check her email (sometime last semester she realized that sometimes teachers will email the class in the morning and announce that class has been canceled). After deleting all of the junk mail (and being slightly irritated that when clubs send out mass emails about their stupid meeting that no one shows up for anyway, that they can’t ever get the information right and end up sending out four or five emails until they finally get it right; not to mention the fact that each of the emails contains a multitude of stupid little graphics and animations that clog up her inbox so much that she gets nasty emails from the computer people telling her to empty it out) she opened up her Mozilla FireFox internet explorer (she downloaded this program and prefers it to Microsoft’s explorer because you can customize the browser and make it pretty; the fact that it has superior “pop-up” ad blocking skills helps too) and headed on over to Bloglines.com (this is a site where you can subscribe to and keep track of different weblogs (a.k.a. online journals); it lets you know which blogs have been updated; she currently is subscribed to 80 blogs and all but two are knitting-related) and logged in.

She started at the top of the list and was a little confused (which usually doesn’t take much). Why are they all writing about starting on their Olympic knitting (the Knitting Olympics was started by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot over at www.yarnharlot.ca. During the 16 days of the “real” Olympics over in Torino, Italy, 4,000+ knitters (4000 or so signed up with Stephanie at her site) will be casting on and finishing (finishing being the key word here since many knitters have a problem with what are called U.F.Os (UnFinished Objects)) projects; rules were the project you chose to knit had to be challenging, you couldn’t start it before the flame had been lit in Torino, and you had to be completely finished by the time the flame was extinguished), she thought (or said out loud, since she talks to herself quite often too). She glanced over at her desk calendar (which has little bits of knitting information for each day of the year) and realized that yes, it was February 10, and yes, that meant that the Olympics started today.

Crap (she probably said some other expletive instead), she thought (or said). She hurriedly ran to her yarn closet and grabbed the pattern she had signed up to work on. She had received the pattern and yarn for a sweater that was featured in many magazines last fall from her friend Amy (who is opening up her own yarn shop in April 2006 called Yarntopia) in Texas last October. She hadn’t really looked at the pattern much since then. She realized that she didn’t even have the right needle size to do the majority of the sweater! Oh well, no time to worry about that now, she thought (or said). She got herself ready and headed to class (which, she was disappointed to learn when she checked her email, was not canceled).

When she returned to her apartment (which is always slightly messy because her roommates like to leave their stuff everywhere) for the day, she decided that she would cast on (start for those people who don’t understand the knitting language) for the sweater a little early since she’d be driving home when in the evening (the flame was lit at about 2:00 U.S. time (she thinks)) and the drive would take three hours. In a very short amount of time, she got to the point in the sweater where she would need the bigger needles (size US15 32” circulars) (the sweater is started on size US13 double pointed needles, which she had), stopped, packed her bags for the weekend home, and headed to the craft store (telling herself the whole way that she was only going to get the needles she needed and not more yarn).

The whole time the prof was explaining what hypertext writing was I kept thinking... good god that's easy!!! That's not hypertext writing... that's BLOGGING baby!!!! he he he... anyway... the story is about the morning I realized that the knitting olympics had creeped up on me. By the way... I got a ++ on that paper (she gives checks if they meet her expectation, - if they are below her expectation and a + if they exceed her expectation. I got TWO plusses baby!!!! I've been getting checks and mostly minuses so far this semester... needless to say I was extatic!!!

Ok... so it's after 1am now and I just finished up On the Road and decided to take a BlogLines break. Sorry for the incohesiveness of the entry (if you've even made it this far). I'm hopped up on caffeine and my ADD medication in order to stay up all night to complete this goddam homework!!! Stupid profs....

Pictures will hopefully appear in the next entry. I wanted to take a pic and post it of my planner covered in scribbles to show how busy I am this week but my camera seems to have run away. Probably eloped with Mamma's Boyd. Damn that Boyd!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Olympics start TODAY!?!?!?!?!?!

Where the hell have I been!? So guess how prepared I am... I haven't really looked at the pattern much since I got it back in October. I thought I had the correct needle size. Yeah... I have the right size to START it. At row 14, I need to switch to circulars. Row 32, add another circular. So... before I head home tonight... I need to pick up two size 15 circs. Grr.... In case you forgot (bad bad bad reader...) this is the project I'm working on for the Olympics:
Yup... it was in IK and other knitting mags last fall. Anywho...

I think that the flame is officially like now in Torino (it's 4:30 central time, USA) but the opening ceremony isn't airing until 7pm tonight on NBC.

Since I'm assuming that the flame is lit and I will be driving when it is being aired in MN, I started on the sleeve (which is knit back and forth on size 15s...of which I have a set of straights). This is how far I got while watching part of Dr. Phil and Oprah:
(It looks black and white but... it was taken with my new camera phone which doesn't have flash) That is exactly one ball of yarn. I have 9 more to go! Knitting this won't be the challenge to me. It'll be the finishing and blocking part that'll be coming down to the wire. Anyone want to make bets on it!?

I'm going home this weekend so I'm all packed and ready to go!
Here's what's inside:
Let's see what we have up there...
  • yarn (enough for the project)
  • pattern
  • scissors
  • random needles from other projects (also handy as stitch holders)
  • row counter
  • reciept from LYS
  • knitpicks catalog
  • random patterns from other projects
  • laxatives (cause... you know... you just never know... ok ok... I was at Jake's a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't... you know.... GO)
  • yarn scraps (aka waste yarn)
  • 2 Chibis
  • Wasted by Aiden Shaw (reading it for my English class)
  • pencil and pen
  • that Do Not Eat silica thing that I've never taken out of the bag
  • stitch holder / stitch markers
  • paper bag from LYS
  • chapstick
  • picture of my babies with santa
Yep... I think that'll hold me!

What...? I need to bring clothes...? what? deodarant... socks and underwear....? Who needs that stuff when there's knittin' to be done!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

NewsFlash: Cell Phones do not like water!

So... I had my cell phone in my front pocket of my sweatshirt on Sunday night. I took it off cause I got hot and through it on the floor. A few hours later I decided to do a load of laundry - some reds. Well, the sweatshirt I had been wearing that day was burgundy so I grabbed it and trhew it in with the others. I think you can pretty much deduce what happened from there!!!! Since I'm not far enough into my contract to get a discount on a new phone... I had to pay full price. The cheapest one that they had at Best Buy was still $150. I didn't want to get one from Ebay... i don't like spending more than $20 on stuff from there cause I don't always trust the sellers. Since I knew I would end up spending a crapton of money, I decided I might as well get my money's worth. This is the phone that I bought:
It's the Palm Treo 700w. They didn't even have it on display yet at Best Buy. I definately have the newest baddest cell phone/digital camera/mp3 player/ PDA around! Don't bother trying to look up how much I spent on this puppy because I don't want to be held liable for heart attacks and the like. Trust me... you REALLY don't want to know!!!!! One thing I'm not used to is the phone's size. It looks like I'm talking on and old ghetto phone (see right). That photo was actually taken in a mirror with the camera on the phone. The camera is 1.3 megapixels so it's pretty good for being a cell phone! The only place I ever took it was to work. I haven't taken it to class or anywhere else because I don't want to drop it or what have ya. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a cell phone if I never take it anywhere right? Ha ha. Given my current track record with cell phones (one was dropped at a street dance and found in pieces later, one was dropped in the street while drunk and found later run over, and the last one was sent through the washer... all within about 3 years) I'm going to put insurance on this baby. So... If I wreck it, I can get it replaced for about... $50 or so.

Lest you think I have forgotten that this is a knitting blog I will leave you with this. It is going to be the turtleneck shrug from ScarfStyle. The wool is hot pink and is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I started it at work on Monday January 23rd. I would have had it done by now but my professors think that we don't have lives and like to assign big projects (ok... big as in 3 page papers) due at the next class. Plus one of my professors likes to pile on an ungodly amount of reading and we have a mini assignment that she sends via email each time we meet. Sometimes... I just don't check the damn email! ok I need to stop before I blow a gasket.
Here is my Turtleneck Shrug in all her glory:

Remember that she is hot pink (I think the actual color is lotus pink or something like that). The bottom sleeve is done... she's just on a needle as a stitch holder. The sleeve itself is 22" long plus the little shoulder shaping part. Once the second sleeve is done I will pick up stitches and the ones on the holder and knit the turtleneck in the round. i give it maybe another 6 hours of work as a maximum.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Classes have started...

So... classes have started and I feel as though I've been sucked into a tornado. I feel like I must be doing something constructive at all times. I'm already a day or two ahead of homework and ... I'm starting to feel like a big dork.

Seriously Tara... slow down! Put the books away! Pick up the needles and veg in front of the tv!!!

These are the classes I'm currently taking:
  • Christian Worship (required upper division theology class... ugh... stupid private catholic universities!!!! (taught by a gay theologian....like him and the class though)
  • Studies in Contemporary Literature (taught by a Sister)(I'm liking this class so far)
  • Applied Behavioral Statistics (have already taken a higher stats class but this one is required for acceptance into the psych program... taught by a Sister... who says this should be an easy A for me. Yay!)
  • Psychology of Gender (LOVE THIS CLASS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Readings in Psychology (one credit class that meets every other wednesday. We're going to be reading Monkeyluv by Robert Sapolsky. Looks VERY interesting... can't wait to get started!!!

On top of classes starting... I've been sick... not like poopie feeling sick... but like your concentrating so hard on not coughing up goobers in class that you can't think about anything else kind of sick... bleh.... I'm starting to feel a little bit better though finally... I can't imagine how Taylor felt (who I caught it from)

After MUCH MUCH MUCH deliberation, I've decided to join the Knitting Olympics. I've decided on the Skacel medallion sweater pattern that I received as a secret pal gift from Amy last october. Not too much of a stretch I don't think, but not too terribly easy either. I'm also really unsure of how many exams and papers I'll have during that time so I didn't want something with a lot of colorwork to do, or something on teeny tiny needles!

I guess that's really it for me... I am just about finished with the neck of the Giraffe Sweater. I'll probably try to finish that up tonight... since I really havne't got anything else going on... and it snowed today and has been kind of chilly lately... I NEED A NEW SWEATER!!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

whoo doggie...

I'm so doped up on Children's triaminic it's so not funny... seriously... I'm not able to drive I'm so doped!

Anyway... last weekend Taylor had a cold and she slept with me and well... she must have hacked in my face while we slept cause well... I'm sick now... and since I've acquired a taste for children's cough syrup... I bought the (very yummy) berry punch flavored Triaminic. but... the dosage guidelines only go to age twelve... so what does this smart girl do? Sip the bottle... damn i'm so dumb... the contents of the bottle magically disapperared...imagine that!

No wonder they don't make adult cough medicine taste good. There'd be a few too many accidental suicides on NyQuil if it didn't taste like poo!

So... I'm tipsy on cough medicine... at least i'm not coughing up a lung and wiping my snot on old kleenexes! HA! In fact... I feel GREAT!!!!! ha ha ha...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Lizzie" - the Knitted Babe

This is Lizzie, before she got stuffed. She's loving being a nudist right now but since her momma is making her wear clothes, she's requested an elegant ball gown (go figure). She will model her new dress as soon as it's finished!

I've added a "On my sewing table" list on the sidebar. All say 0% but some are actually cut out and ready to go... some are not.

About the child support issue... I waved the right to child support until Joey is done with college (as suggested by my mother). while he is in school he doens't work and during the summers he works for his dad (who owns his own construction company). Right after the girls were born his b*tch of a mother told my mom that they would just pay joey in cash or put his checks in his sister's name so that it would appear that he made no money. (What a nice grandma huh? By the way.... no money = no court ordered child support). So now even when he finishes (by the way... hes been taking his sweet time finishing too) he won't have to pay back child support. Gosh... everytime I talk about this I get cranky... Hes just so... selfish. If he does get the girls something or takes time out of his "busy" schedule to come to a program or something of theirs he has to make such a big deal out of the fact that he did so. His university is 1.5 hours away... Mine is 3.5!!!!!! I come home every weekend that I'm not working... He comes home... when it's convenient for him to do so. He maybe came home about 2 times (that were not holidays) during the fall semester. So really... he's not going to see them any less than he does now. There is NO WAY I'm going to let him push me around on this issue. The babies ARE GOING to live with me next year. He's just going to have to deal with it and maybe plan ahead for once in his life to see his only daughters.


*whips out the knitting to de-stress*