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Yet another one of those darn knitting blogs...

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fixed The Manly Sweater from SnB

Well... I finally got the manly sweater ... wearable. I swear I must have cut out about 10 pounds of unneeded knitting. Jeez... It wouldn't have taken so long IF I WOULD HAVE CHECKED THE GAUGE EVERY ONCE IN AWHIlE!!!!!!! rrrrrrrr.....

Well you live and learn...

and then get luvs! jk ;)

I'll photograph my hunnie in it when he opens it and tries it on!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

knitting all day.... everyday....

This morning I finished off another set of fuzzy mittens..purple ones this time (pic to come) I'm now knitting at the computer... working on the second sleeve of Taylor's Belle sweater. I also started the designing process of the front of her sweater... the Belle face. The graph paper I had it on made the gauge too small so now I have to add rows and columns and still have Belle look normal.

I have been looking for the right color of blue to finish off Callie's Ariel sweater. I ran out as i was trying to finish up the last sleeve. I'll just have to wait until I get back to school to stop at the massive craft store to pick up the correct shade.

Have been coming up with some more projects that I want to get started on. MOst of them are felted. I do want to design some stuff too... So I'll do that stuff when I'm commuting to school on the bus and whatnot.

Purple Fuzzies:

I also made this really cool knitting bag this afternoon. I had been eyeing the Port-a-pocket all morning but... it's kinda ugly. So, I made my own! Actually... once I get to school I plan on attaching a carabeaner keychain so that it can be attached to my belt loop. It's actually pretty big. One of those huge cheap acrylic skeins of yarn fits nicely inside along with needles and the WIP. yay for my creativeness! PS. I got to use the super fancy sewing machine that I got for my birthday!!

Tara's Carabeaner Knitting Bag (w/o the carabeaner):

Yes, that is fur trim and leopard fleece fabric. I knit on the wild side!

Sorry the photos are blurry... I resized them too many times and they got distorted.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Yesterday I started (and finished) a small purse out of Noro yarn that I will felt later today. It was a pattern that you use the entire skein for so there is no leftovers! I never know what to do with the leftover yarn sometimes! This morning I got up and worked on the back of Callie's intarsia Ariel sweater (photo to come). I'm taking a knitting break now to check the boards at knittyboard.com and other random stuff (like email checking and whatnot).

Callie and Taylor are watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version) again today. They say it's their favorite. We have watched it about every day now... I have the whole thing memorized practically! Aw well...

New Blog!!!

I ust started this new blog where I will showcase all of my awesome knitting projects! As soon as I get back to school (where I forgot my digital camera) I will start to upload photos of my Works in Progress and finished knitting!!!