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Friday, February 04, 2005


Holy crap it's been a long time. It feels like I haven't been doing much knitting but... I have. I started and finished a mini skull tote, am working on a babyblanket, mittens, and am continuing to work on Taylor's Belle sweater.

On an off note, I'm a little disappointed today. I thought I was going to win a free ipod but i'd have to sign up for an offer, and then five of my other friends to sign up and sign up for an offer. Yeah,,, probably NOT going to happen! *sighs* So, that's what I've been doing all morning,... looking at free offers and ways to make a quick buck on the net. All of which, either involve a lot of offer signing up (which most require a fee) or getting a lot of other people to sign up. Grr... So I'm all sad... :(

Maybe I should start selling mark makeup or something... Ha! I would but there's a girl in my dietetics program that sells Quixtar stuff ... which also sells makeup... rar... so... no money for the poor college girl!!!!


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