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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Should be packing....

I am moving this weekend and i SHOULD be packing... but I've been knitting. I feel the urge to finish some projects first and start the new school year off fresh. I've been updating the progress bars daily and you may be wondering why some are 90+% finished... WELL..... I despise seaming... and two of the sweaters (the disney princess ones) are seamed and blocked... just need the damn embroidery to bring life to their faces. I worked on Ariel a bit today (got most of it seamed up) but... err.... good three hours of my life gone. I hope to god that they don't wear these sweaters to school or anything. I've started them SO SO SO long ago it seems and I keep noticing mistake after mistake. They look so crappy! Maybe I should hide some catnip inside both of them and let the cats have a go at it at night. At least then it's not like I really quit... right??? The cats ruined your sweaters sweeties!!! ugh...

I've got wavy all ready and rarin to go... except I cant get the smell of wet animal out! I washed it in some good smelling gentle shampoo but it still reeks like drowned dead sheep. My mom even turned the AC on more because she thought there was mold or something growing downstairs... no mom.... that's my wool scarf... thanks though.

Belle Epoque is ready to be blocked. I would have blocked it earlier today but I didnt want two wet things lying around. The only problem with this one is that the front ribbing seems really really wide. I don't think blocking will fix it but my sewing machine sure can! Ill just take out a few inches or so along the side of the ribbing. I'll have to bust out the "plastic surgeon" sweater skills!!!

The zip up cardigan is going ok. Its from an issue of Easy knitting... forget which one... and I'm making it with some white icky red heart that I wanted to get rid of. Plus it knits up quick on size 8 needles.

I decided on another project for my "anxiously awaiting needles" list. It's the ballet seed stich wrap that is in the holiday 2004 issue of Easy Knitting. It looks really ugly in the magazine but when I saw it knit up in Libby Baker (designer of Belle Epoque)'s blog (Creazitivity... link in sidebar), I had to knit it. She says it was a pain in the butt but hopefully by the time I get to it, they'll have the bugs up on an errata page. If not, well... I'll just have to figure it out. Whatever doens't kill you only makes you stronger right??


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