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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pics Pics Pics!!!!!

I got my first secret pal package A LONG TIME AGO.... but never uploaded the pictures or anything... (what a slacker I am!!!)

I got lots of cool stuff. I got a sheep tape measure that I've wanted for a long time, I got instructions to make really cool cable chockers, yarn and needles to make them, uber good white chocolate (which didn't last very long in my drawer), some bath stuff that came in handy last weekend, and Callie and Taylor got my little pony playdoh! I brought it to them and they opened it at grandma's. I have a picture of them but it's on my mom's camera.

Ok, so I just tried to upload my pictures onto my computer and something happened.... all my pics were deleted! Grrr...... So no picture of secret pal surprise, no pictures from the wedding on the 17th... no pictures from cal and tay's birthday! stupid technology.....


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At 7:16 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

You knitty girl!

No, seriously, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Every couple of days, I go 'exploring,' clicking on the "NEXT BLOG" button to see where it takes me ... and tonight it took me to kNiTTiNg BaG ...

I enjoyed my visit to your site ... thanks for sharing.


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