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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Well... It's about time!!!

Yea... I know... I've just about dropped off the face of the planet right? Well, I finally feel like I have some sense of order back in my life...

I moved the last weekend in august three hours south to my beautiful college campus. I am sharing an on campus apartment with three other girls. Callie and Taylor are staying with grandma and grandpa and I drive home most weekends. It was a lot harder for me to leave this year than it was last year. Well, I should say that it's taken me longer to adjust. I have an off campus job this year (as well as on campus) and my classes are already starting to kick me in the butt. At least Jake, my boyfriend, is going to a university 20 minutes or so (about 10 by freeway) so I'm not quite so alone. I haven't even been able to knit! If I wasn't in class, doing homework, or working... I was sleeping!


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