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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finished Object!!!

I HAVE A FINISHED OBJECT!!!!!!!!!!! All done... ALL DONE!!!!! No more weaving of ends... I even sewed the button on!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a picture... It's the sweter on the cover of the second knit.1 mag.
I'm ALMOST done with Hopeful. Well.. I was basically done but I don't like how the collar puckers and poofs out. So... I'm going to rip it out and use smaller needles and pick up fewer stitches than Jenna recommends. I haven't blocked it yet, but I don't think that any amout of blocking is going to fix the collar. I've seen pictues of other people's hopefuls on the KAL and their collars don't look as messed up as mine! hrmph... oh well... If i don't get it perfect I won't wear it!!

I haven't been home to grab my digi cam and printer software drivers so I'm still without either. I've still been taking pictures with my camera in case I just want to go to Target and get prints and then scan them in with Jake's scanner later... but that is just SO much work! :)

I cast on a new project this weekend. Branching out. I'm making it for my mom for christmas (or my grandma... but probably my mom). I'm about half done with it. It goes up so quick and it's really easy. My first lace project! Yay!

My super awesome SP got me yarn and the pattern from the skacel ads ( it's the one where the front panel is knit in the round) I wish I knew what page it was on in IK... Anyway... I wanted to start that sweater this weekend but when I was at the craft store there were sold out of the dpn that I needed (size 11) I have size 13 dpn so I might try those if it's not too holy.

So when I was in the craftstore (HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE craft store... has more yarn than my yarn shop back home... ) and I saw this pair of socks haning above their meager collection of sock yarn (still... being a craft store and not a yarn shop they carry an abnoxiously large selection of Red Heart and novelty yarns... but they have good stuff like brown sheep and Jo Sharp too). I just HAD to knit them. There was no pattern attached to them though!!! I looked through all their loose leaft single patterns for sale, and their pattern books that featured socks and coul not find them! They were a ribbed sock and the ribbing went down to the top of the foot. I've found a pattern online that *might* be pretty close Here, but I'm not sure cause the pic is so small. I'm new to the sock knitting world and never had a desire to knit them until seeing these socks! Anywhos... I think I'll try out that pattern in the yarn that the special socks were knit in (I don't remember what brand it was or anything..) I'll probably stop hack there tomorrow or Tuesday when I get groceries and cast on! Yay!


At 8:25 AM, Blogger mamma said...


Marnie Maclean did a verson of Hopeful where she used short row shaping on the back edge of the collar. She has a really nice tutorial on her blog if you want to go check that out. In the left-hand column there's a link for her Hopeful modifications. I can't remember her web address, but on my blog there's a button called "marnie talks" that'll take you to her site. Hope that helps.


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