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Monday, October 10, 2005


I wish I could post a picture but I'm thisclose to finishing hopeful. I just have that teeny tie thing to do and then block it and I'm finished. I'm a little disappointed in the collar portion. It like... poofes out in the back and in the front a little. Like... I picked up too many stitches or something... But I picked up the right amount...! I'm going to check out the knit along to see if anyone else had the same issue or not.

This has been just a hellish week for me. Papers and papers and presentations .... Oh my! plus Beaner and Boo came down with my mom for a visit over the weekend and wore me out. Little leeches those two are when you don't see them for awhile! I have thrusday and friday off of school this week, but I work on sunday. I might drive down and pick them up from nursery school on friday... to surprise them. I haven't decided yet though. I just know that over this long weekend that I will probably get bored. Jake is going up to his hunting shack to get his stands ready for deer season and the roomies are going to be gone... bored bored broed. I don't even have any major papers due soon (they were due this week or last week). Hmmm... yup... probably will go home.

That's about it for me ... Stupid digi cam screwed up my printer port/driver so now my printer has taken a poop on me too.... hmmm... so this blog will be pretty boring without pictures for awhile!... not that it was interesting anyway right!? ha!


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At 12:53 PM, Blogger Jen said...

When did you get the pattern? If you got it right when it came out and didn't see the modification that Jenna posted on the knitalong, then you may have picked up too many stitches inadvertently. If you did pick up stitches every other row up the sides and every other column across the back and it still puckers a bit, you could try Marnie's technique of short rows around the corners of the collar, if you hadn't alreay. I did that and found that my collar lays nice and flat. The sleeves on the other hand...

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Admin said...

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