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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Progress Update...

I was able to finish one of my cousin's socks in a few days. It seemed to go really REALLY quick. I didn't have a pattern... just cast on 60 stitches and just sort of... went. I tried it on and I wish I would have bought more yarn to make some for myself! It's knit in Knit Picks Simple Stripes, color is sweet tarts. Really makes me want candy while knitting!

I was also able to finish the back of the Waverly cardigan as i mentioned before. Here is a picture of it... Not too terribly exciting. I tried to get a close up shot but my camera wasn't cooperating.

I'm knitting it in Knit Picks Essential in burgundy.

I've been so so so so so so tired lately it's not even funny. Every time I'm awake, I'm just counting down the time until I can get home and take a nap. I've taken two naps already today and would be sleeping now but I have to go clean chem labs and pick up my roomie from work because her bumper fell off when she spun out and went in the ditch on monday. Minnesota weather is not so nice sometimes for driving!!

I was toying with the idea of changing the background of my blog but I didn't like the other ones blogger provides... and I couldn't get the one that I had downloaded to work quite right so... I left it. Instead I think I'm going to join one of those webring things though... I found one that I liked so you might see it someday! I also got rid of the computerized version of my hamster and the doll thing... I dunno... they just weren't doing anything for me anymore!

Last night I stayed up a little late (by late I mean like 11pm) by looking up grad schools and what not. I'm pretty sure that I'll be going .... more than likely to the U of MN in Minneapolis. Their PhD program is 6 years so I don't know if I'll go for that right away... I'd like to get my master's in psych and then poop out another baby or two before becoming Dr. Tara.

Anyway... that's about it for me... I think I'm going to go watch America's Next Top Model and take a nap or work on the mate to Jodi's sock!

Au revoir!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Just quick...

I'm supposed to be doing homework with Jake right now...

I've been updating my progress bars over the holiday and have gotten significant sock progress! yay! I have also completely finished the back of the Waverly cardigan, while watching all three harry potter dvds. I also braved shopping the saturday after thanksgiving as they were having a mucho sale and I needed to get a couple of little things for my SP. I was really disappointed that they didn't have exactly what I wanted to get for her so I had to do some last minute substitutions. I hope I get to the post office tomorrow... but it's supposed to be near blizzard outsitde!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Picture Day..

No knitting progress since last time. I had a paper to write on environmental racism. Just thought i'd upload some pics of my cuties!!!

Here's some pics of Callie(pink) and Taylor (purple) wearing this sweater, knitted in my favorite yarn of all time... Lion Brand Wool Ease. (I'm not a fan of handwashing... especially for kids wear!)
Here is a picture of Callie (pink) and Taylor before figure skating practice on Sunday:

And here is an action photo of them on the ice (bad lighting... I know...)

Lastly... my eldest child... Ahna... pouting ....

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mom said she changed her mind about one of the pairs of socks. (Good thing I didn't order the yarn yet!) I'm not getting much knitting done this weekend because i have a mountain of papers that I've been putting off that HAVE to get done...like... now. Currently I"m taking a break from researching for my paper on Environmental racism for my philosophy class. I also have to write two other little blurbs about events I went to recently which shouldn't take too long for the same philosophy class.

Just thought that I'd share the good news about me having to knit one less pair of socks!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Quick progress post

I have been so busy this week... but have still found the time (mostly last weekend) to knit. Here's what I've been up to:

This is exactly how much sock you get out of one ball of Knit Picks Palette (don't worry... I have another ball... just haven't worked on these socks since I finished off the first one):
Next is the Giraffe sweater. I should really move the sweater progress bar down under the chrismas knitting list because it is a christmas present to myself and I would feel better working on it (maybe). I wanted to knit this because my mom volunteered me to knit three pairs of socks for my cousins and I was a little irked. I'm almost 22 years old and I still feel the need to rebel against my mother... :) THis is the back and most of the front. It knits up pretty easy (on size 8 needles) and is nice mindless knitting to do while watching tv.
Lastly... this is the beginning of Callie's sock that I started this morning on the drive up to my parents house (where I'm at now). I've put it next to Taylor's so that you can see how far I got. (Jake drove.)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Progress update and SP gift!!!!!!!!!!

So Tuesday was a good day for me. I officially dropped biochem with one last hur-rah with the cholesterol lab poster session. I rocked at it (probably because I wasn't nervous about the grade I got on the presentation.) After the poster session we got our exams back (the one that I KNEW that I failed). There was a possibility to get 130 points, but it was only out of 100. I got a 6 (six). Ha ha... so... probably a good thing that I dropped that god-awful class.

After that, I went to check my mail and I had a cute little white box from my SP!!! This is what I got:

I got a 365 knitting stitch a day calendar, a set of size 11 dpn (that I needed to start the skacel ad sweater), a GORGEOUS hand beaded row counter in purple and white, candy for the kidlets (like they need more after halloween... ha!) and an awesome ball of rowan kidsilk haze to make another branching out.. for me!!! I've never touched such fancy yarn! It's going to feel so nice and soft around my neck!

WHen I was opening up the calendar, I was really excited cause I wanted it for a long long time ( since last christmas or so) that I got a nasty nasty papercut that actually needed a bandaid to heal!!! Since I'm a momma of two lil girls of COURSE I have cute bandaids around (and since it's kind of a funny story how I got wounded) I thought I'd take a picture of my bandaged wound. I thought about photographing it while it was still bleeding like a mofo but... I'll spare you!

We have lots of Hello Kitty in our house (well... not lots compared to some people...) but my favorite is the Hello Kitty soap I picked up at target. It's got glitter in it and it makes our sink sparkle! ha ha ... just ignore the dried up toothpaste and we'll call it good...

On to the knitting progress:

So I broke down and went to buy the yarn to make the giraffe sweater and ended up realizing that the store had a 30% coupon in its flyer!!! So I grabbed the coupon and bought not only the yarn, but Loop-d-Loop too! It was about the same price that it was on KnitPicks but... I got some major instant gratification. I was lucky enough at the store that they had the color in Wool Ease that I wanted for this sweater. I had picked out a dusty rose type color online. I needed 6 balls (hopefully that's all I need) at 2.99 = great deal on a sweater! Here's the progress pic:

I'm about 8" into it. Knitting it on size 8 needles. It's just a ribbed pattern so that's all I got to say about it for now!

Next we have a finished object. Well ok... literally half of a finished ohject:

I used this tutorial as a pattern but chose to do the standard decreases for the toe because of the holes that the sherman heel technique creates. I like the holes in this sock because it's pretty plain so the holes kind of look lik lace and are an added "design element" (he he he)

These socks are knit from Knit Picks Pallette in petal (which wasn't the color I expected it to be... I had ordered merino style earlier in petal and I thought that the pallette would be more pale pink similar to the merino style but instead it's more corally pink...oh well.. I'll live). It's knit on size one dpns with a knit 3 purl 2 rib.

Next is the Waverly Cardigan. Seems I forgot to mention where this baby is from! Knit N Stlye December 2004 I believe.
I don't buy this magazine anymore cause I think their patterns are kind of cheesy and use way too much novelty yarns but at least one good (normal) pattern came out of it right? I'm knitting it out of Knit picks essential in burgundy. It's going a lot faster now because I have the pattern memorized and I've been using my handy dandy beaded row counter to help me keep track of where I am!

For a close up of the stitch definition check out the previous post.

I also got a package today that was totally unexpected! I got this:

It was for some sort of promotion back in August that you just signed up to receive a free ball of Bernat Disco. I got a brown ball, a mary maxim catalog, and some free patterns. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with this yarn except make maybe a fuzzy brown disco scarf??? i dunno... I just wanted something for free!!!

On some unknitting related content... I've been in touch with the school district here and found out that there is half day and full day kindergarten! To go full day it costs a little bit but with my income being so low as a college student, this fee will be SOOOOOOO much cheaper than day care! Hopefully they will get in, though it shouldn't be a problem!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Waverly Cardigan

This is a Christmas gift... one of... 8.
Christmas Gift List:
  • Taylor's Socks
  • Branching Out scarf for Grandma (needs to be blocked)
  • Callie's Socks
  • Jodi's Socks
  • Jessi's Socks
  • Danielle's Socks
  • Pink Socks for roomie
  • Cardigan for Mom
(Green signifies it's completed)

I did a mini swatch to practice the stitch and test for gauge (I hate gauge testing). I got gauge with size 6 needles so I was a little disappointed and also happy that I didn't have to go buy new needles. I was disappointed because I was going to buy the yarn for the Giraffe sweater (see post below) if they had the color I wanted at the craft store. So... now I don't have a "good" excuse to go to the craft store... so.... I will cast on for the Waverly cardigan tonight instead.

Here is the picture of the cardigan and the mini swatch. I'm using Knit Picks Essential in Burgundy:

Here is a close up of the mini swatch. I can already tell that blocking is going to be my best friend with this project. It's easy to knit up but not so easy that it's boring.

... more.... socks....

No new pics today... I really wanted to post pics of callie and taylor from halloween (forgot to ask my mom to email them to me), and from figure skating (battery died right before I was going to take the fist snapshot). I might have grabbed a copy of the newspaper they are on the cover of but I'm too lazy to go check to see if it's in my bag.

So... mother saw me finishing up Taylor's socks saturday afternoon and was like... "I should really have you knit socks for Jessi, Jodi, and Danielle for Christmas as something to go along with the gift cards I'm getting them." She mentioned this throughout the rest of the weekend in all different formats and finally I was just like... Ok yeah whatever. So... She flipped through the latest Knit Picks catalog and picked out the colors she wants for their socks and I'll order them this week sometime. So now that I have MORE 'other people' gifts to knit... all I want to do is knit myself I big cozy comfy cowl neck sweater and picked this one. I was going to do it in Wool of the Andes color: Holly Berry.... but then I remembered how I HATE to hadnwash things so I am thinking about this color in WoolEase instead:

I'm only thinking about it so if I never mention this sweater again... don't hold it against me.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Busy Busy week for this girl... and stressful too...

So .... this week has been the week from hell. I had to register for classes and had a big exam on Wednesday... I mean BIG exam. I failed the last exam and so if I were to fail this one, oof... I'd have to work REALLY hard to keep my grade above a C. Well... So Tuesday I studied like there was no tomorrow... Studied all my notes, reread the chapters and looked over pathways a little bit (this was for nutritional biochemistry). Get to the test... we were given a few blank sheets of paper and were told a scenario and we had to demonstrate (by writing out the pathway) of say... how we maintain blood glucose levels during a fast. Easy to explain... hard to show all the enzymes and chemical structures, without memorizing and such... There's no way I got more than 15 points because I chose to understand the material rather than simply memorize stupid pathways. So... guess what? I changed my major and withdrew from the course.

Yep... I'm no longer a dietetics major but a psychology major. I'll still have chemistry to know (by god do i hate chemistry), but it will only be one orgain instead of all of them. I feel so much better about myself now that I'm out of that god-awful, taught by the daughter of the devil , biochemistry course.

I also had to miss Halloween this week. Since it was on a Monday, I didn't have time to get home (3 hour drive) for the Halloween party that Callie and Taylor go to every year. Joey (Callie and Taylor's dad) didn't have class that day (he's going to grad school for occupational therapy) so he was able to take them. They were both Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and they tied for 3rd place in the judging! Yay!!!! They were also on the front page of the paper! And they were quoted!!! Callie said that she likes the candy, and Taylor said she likes dressing up. My mom hasn't sent me pictures yet so i won't have any until this weekend.

I've been apartment hunting this week. I looked at one yesterday and fell in love with this layout:
I just want to move in now! It has a breakfast bar, pantry, full size washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and free garage. It has a playground, is secluded, in a middle class nice neighborhood and is about 3-4 blocks from an elementary school. And yes, most units have a fireplace!!! I have to go back in January to fill out the forms and whatnot ( I won't be moving until May 15).

Ok... so I was feverishly knitting the last two nights trying to get Jake's little present finished before deer opener this weekend. THis is what I came up with:
It's a Willie Warmer!!!! I used this pattern as a template. It's bigger than it looks in the picture and I didn't have time to put string around it but Jake got a big kick out of it! Some of the directions were confusing to me (the gusset part with picking up stitches) so I kind of made it up after I got confused... It worked out just fine!