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Monday, November 07, 2005

... more.... socks....

No new pics today... I really wanted to post pics of callie and taylor from halloween (forgot to ask my mom to email them to me), and from figure skating (battery died right before I was going to take the fist snapshot). I might have grabbed a copy of the newspaper they are on the cover of but I'm too lazy to go check to see if it's in my bag.

So... mother saw me finishing up Taylor's socks saturday afternoon and was like... "I should really have you knit socks for Jessi, Jodi, and Danielle for Christmas as something to go along with the gift cards I'm getting them." She mentioned this throughout the rest of the weekend in all different formats and finally I was just like... Ok yeah whatever. So... She flipped through the latest Knit Picks catalog and picked out the colors she wants for their socks and I'll order them this week sometime. So now that I have MORE 'other people' gifts to knit... all I want to do is knit myself I big cozy comfy cowl neck sweater and picked this one. I was going to do it in Wool of the Andes color: Holly Berry.... but then I remembered how I HATE to hadnwash things so I am thinking about this color in WoolEase instead:

I'm only thinking about it so if I never mention this sweater again... don't hold it against me.


At 12:30 AM, Blogger D said...

I love that cardigan and the color you selected. I googled it and it came up in Knit & Style 2004. Is this correct? I think I'll have to make one :)


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