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Monday, November 07, 2005

Waverly Cardigan

This is a Christmas gift... one of... 8.
Christmas Gift List:
  • Taylor's Socks
  • Branching Out scarf for Grandma (needs to be blocked)
  • Callie's Socks
  • Jodi's Socks
  • Jessi's Socks
  • Danielle's Socks
  • Pink Socks for roomie
  • Cardigan for Mom
(Green signifies it's completed)

I did a mini swatch to practice the stitch and test for gauge (I hate gauge testing). I got gauge with size 6 needles so I was a little disappointed and also happy that I didn't have to go buy new needles. I was disappointed because I was going to buy the yarn for the Giraffe sweater (see post below) if they had the color I wanted at the craft store. So... now I don't have a "good" excuse to go to the craft store... so.... I will cast on for the Waverly cardigan tonight instead.

Here is the picture of the cardigan and the mini swatch. I'm using Knit Picks Essential in Burgundy:

Here is a close up of the mini swatch. I can already tell that blocking is going to be my best friend with this project. It's easy to knit up but not so easy that it's boring.


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