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Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

I don't have a whole lot of time to post but thought that I should quick. I got spoiled by my parents for my (22nd) birthday. They bought me;
  • new set of snow tires (that ROCK!!! I can't skid if I try!)
  • wool pea-coat from Old Navy
  • bagless vacuum cleaner from Eureka
  • $50 that I just spent last night at Aeropostale on a pair of jeans, a long sleeve tee, and a polo
Callie and Taylor got me (among many many MANY handmade cards and whatnot) Vicki Howell's book, New Knits on the Block. Ok, ok... so I really just picked it up that morning at Barnes and Noble on my way outta town cause it was on sale for 20% off and said that they bought it for my birthday. However... had they been with... they totally would have approved! Callie desperately wants the mermaid costume!

Jake bought me a charm bracelet with a charm on it that is a mini butterfly box and inside is a note that says "You are beautiful." It would have been a lot cooler if it would have said "Will you marry me?" instead but we'll not go there....! :) He also bought me a pair of "choppers" because the mittens I had were just not keeping the fingers all too warm while waiting to catch the bus to go to class. 20 degrees below zero with windchill was a little bit beyond the capabilities of my knit ones.

My friend Jolene got me a blanket with the Norwegian Snowflake motif knit into it. Her boyfriend's mom works at the Bemidji Woolen Mills which is where she got it!! I hope to have pictures up of all my gifts within the next couple of days. I'm just feeling a little lazy to dig stuff out.

Well... Saturday night was Callie and Taylor's Gymnastics holiday show. They were so so so cute!!!! At the end of their little performance, they all got medals! My mom has pics of them with their medals on but I only have pics of them before the show.
Here we are watching the first half of the show (their class ... the ADVANCED preschool class ;) started off the second half) [Taylor, Callie, Mommy]
And here they are backstage right before they went on in their fancy schmancy brand new hot pink leos (that we had to pay ($32 each for!!!) GRGA is the name of the gym that they practice at. They've been going there for a little over 2 years now. [Callie, Taylor]:
I tried to get pictures of them during their performance but they all turned out blurry and really really dark. If any of you out there are also gym rat mommies this is what they did:
  • pullover
  • 3 casts
  • another pullover
  • (then they rolled forward off the bar... not sure what it's called)
  • cartwheel
  • forward roll
  • Forward roll (with spotter of course)
  • High kicks
What was really funny was when Level 5 (roughly 4th -6th graders...???) were up and they were taking turns doing tumbling passes (like roundoff backhandspring back tucks) Callie says... "They do that with no help!? All by themselves??" It was cute.

During the show Patrick (the head coach/gym owner's husband) called off some ticket numbers for prizes witht he gym's logo on them. Joey (cal and tay's dad) won a sweatshirt! He had to leave early so he gave the winning ticket to me. He said he probably wouldn't wear it so I get to keep it! I had to order an adult size, since they only brought up to adult small but when it comes in I'm going to have "Callie and Taylor's Mom" embroidered on the back.

Anywhos... I've got to get packing and whatnot.. going home for a few days. I'm picking cal and tay up from nursery school tomorrow and they don't know I'm diong it. I love surprising them!

ps... FINALS ARE DONE FINALS ARE DONE FINALS ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

This is totally a procrastination post

I have a statistics final at 8am tomorrow morning and... I'm not studying... I'm taking a well deserved break ;)

Here's an update on my hair:
Picture was actually taken yesterday but... it looks about the same today.

I got a new purse!!!:
Lookie what's inside!!!:
He he he... Just in case you know... I get stuck somewhere!

Ho hum ho hum... here's a picture of the Giraffe sweater pieces:
And the knitting progress I did on Waverly's sleeve since yesterday:
I went shopping yesterday! I bought a book that I'm sure ya'll have already:
Yeah I know... my eyes go in two different directions when I try to cross them. I think it's cool. Here's another example that was taken last year:

**Any volumteers to come take this stats final for me tomorrow!?!?!?! I'll tempt you with some Noro.....**

Ok... so I realize that getting up early on a Saturday morning to take a stats final when there is holiday knitting to be done does not sound like a good idea to anyone. I better just suck it up and study huh?

Did I mention that tomorrow is also my birthday?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finals week has crept upon us...

It is officially the start of finals week. I have two finals (one saturday morning and one monday afternoon) and a final paper (due monday by 5pm). Have I started studying or writing yet? Nope!

I've been cranking away at the Waverly Cardigan (Knit n Style December 04). I have the back and two fronts completed and have this much done on the sleeve as of this morning:

Nothing really interesting to report knitting wise about this project... It's actually pretty easy.

I'm also just about done with the knitting portion of the Giraffe sweater. Just have the neck and seaming to do.

I know who my SP was !!!! It was amylovie!!! She sent me this lovely bracelet with charm for the reveal package. She's opening up a yarn store soon called Yarntopia, and she's got twin daughters... just like me!!!!! She's so sweet and such a great spoiler!!! Thank you so very much Amy!!!!
The bracelet is by James Avery and the charm is of two girls. I LOVE bracelets... especially if they dangle and/or make noise (I love to annoy people... imagine that). I've been wearing it every day since I got it!!!!

Ok... so last Friday was "Jake Day." My hunny, Jake, had a really rough week last week with lots of projects and tests and whatnot. So... I declared Friday "Jake Day" and I made him dinner, paid for and let him pick out whatever stupid violent boy movie he wanted to watch at the theater and later on that evening... I even let him dye my hair red. (He has a soft spot for red heads and after all... it was "Jake Day"). Well... I think we left it in too long and it was BRIGHT RED... I mean... Red Heart Acrylic red! Thankfully I wouldn't let him do the permanent dye and we bought the 8-10 shampoo color but... wow...

Some guy at the library one night said I looked very festive. Ha! Anyway... now it's like a very subtle redish/pinkish color and the ends are mostly back to blonde. To prove to you that I'm not lying here's a photo (with the VERY spoiled boy).

Ahhh... so so so cute!!!!!

I was looking through my photo album on my computer and I found some pics that Joe (Callie and Taylor's dad) sent me a couple weeks ago from Halloween. Here are my little Dorothy's:

And here they are again with their Daddy:

(Callie left and Taylor right)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Must Knit 2006

I'm probably not going to be able to blog until Sunday so today while I have a few spare minutes I'm posting my (tentative) Must knit 2006 list that I will start on at 12:00am January 1st.

  • Skacel Ad Sweater (have yarn)
  • Branching Out #2 (have yarn)
  • Angeled Poise (Simply knitting November 2005)
  • Inside Out Sweater (Knit Scene fall/winter 2005)
  • "C" Weasley type sweater (blueblog has the pattern? I dunno... don't want to look it up)
  • "T" Weasley type sweater
  • Picovoli (Sexy Knitters Club KAL #1 project. Not sure if I like it enough yet)
  • Tubey
  • Ultra Femme
  • Kidsilk haze knitted Camisole (see below)
Hopefully I will start at the top and work my way down but... who knows!?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Temptations and Magazine Reviews

I really really really really want to buy yarn. Never mind the fact that I don't get paid til next week (and I have bills to pay...)! I went to Barnes & Noble today and picked up two magazines: Knit Simple (new magazine by VK... website isn't finished yet) and a British mag, Simply Knitting.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Inside this mag is the CUTEST SWEATER EVER!!!!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's called Angled Poise by Debbie Bliss and is a ribbed sweater with an assymetric neckline and bottom. I am thinking about knitting it up in Knitpicks Merino style... probably some sort of pink. Of course... I won't be buying the yarn til January!!! ...damn resolutions...

I haven't been doing much knitting today. For some reason the idea of a new sweater took all my attn and I also scoured the net for the best price for Rowan Kidsilk Haze because I want to do this sweater by Jenna Adorno as well:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I already have some Lamb's pride worsted in lotus pink (a hot pink color) and was trying to find some kidsilk haze for the mohair part on top to match but it's so hard on the puter so... I'm going to have to drive a little further out of my way to try some yarn shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area OR order online and hope for the best.

While at yarnmarket.com, I found this very very beautiful top knitted up in the kidsilk haze:
It is so so so so so so gorgeous. It is found in Rowan Magazine #37. Oooof.... I really want to put in an order at angel yarns for the yarn and magazine so incredibly bad!!!! Even with shipping from the UK and the currency change it ends up being cheaper from there (vs. Yarnmarket)

I suppose I never properly reviewed either magazine that I talked about up there. I'll do my best:

Knit Simple (Vogue Knitting) Winter 2005
It's target audience is beginning knitters and advanced knitters who want something simple to knit up quickly. The designs are basic but not cheesy or Lion-Brand-esque. There are two sweaters that jumped out at me (I'd scan them but my roomie is really really busy right now and she has the scanner). One has a couple of granny squares in the front and down the sleeve and the other has a leaf like lace pattern on the bottom of the sweater and sleeves (I saw someone just post a pic of a similar sweater that they designed themselves. I liked the sweater that she made better than the one in this magazine though. I hope I'm able to find her blog again when/if she's able to post the pattern!). The designs in this mag are not too terribly trendy but anyone of all age ranges should be able to find something.

They are kind of lacking in articles, I believe there was only one...but being this is their premiere issue it should (hopefully) get better.

They must be planning on making this mag a permanent member of the VK family as there are subscription options already available.

All in all, I would buy the next issue, but after flipping through it a time or two beforehand.

Simply Knitting Issue 8 (November)
(Issue 9 has already come out in the UK... we must be behind the times by a month)

This mag rocks! It's a little more expensive (8.99 USD), but the pages are larger. There is lots of color on every page (but not so much it looks like paper vomit). This happens to be one of those magazines that lists the patterns for the project on the same page (vs. having to flip to the back ... get what I mean?), which makes it really easy, at least for me. It's a little short on patterns (12-15 or so) but the patterns that they do have are of good quality. Another thing about the patterns that I just adored was that they take one technique out of the pattern (make one stich, changing colors) and explain out to do it in the side bar (in full color photos... NOT drawings!). I thought this was awesome because it explained how to knit with beads for one of their patterns and it just so happens that the waverly cardigan has a beaded trim!! Not too shabby eh?

At the very end you know how all those mags have the "how to knit and crochet" bit and it's like ... a half a page? Well, this mag has ELEVEN of them. Let me say that again... ELEVEN. All of that stuff I already know of course but this mag just went above and beyond (or maybe that's just how the Brits do it! I dunno!).

Additionally, this issue came with a Christmas Gifts Extra supplement. Patterns for a doiley some different ornaments, and the CUTEST little gnomes ever. Seriously... I want to knit one pretty badly! Iwill hopefully get a picture scanned tomorrow.

I love this mag so much I looked into the subscription costs of having it shipped to the US. It would be about $60 (for 13 issues) so about $4.60 per issue... versus the $7.99 I would pay at Barnes and Noble... it's tempting..... oh boy is it ever.... but $60 is a lot of money to put up front!

All in all... I will buy this mag again. I would like to buy at least one or two more issues before fully deciding that it is worth subscribing to (maybe this is the only issue that was ever good... this is only the 8th issue)

Monday, December 05, 2005

"December Resolutions"

So... I have decided that I cannot cast on or buy yarn for any new project until Jan 1. I want to start keeping track of Finished Objects by year and I don't want to start 2006 off with half finished projects..! This way also, I 'll be able to concentrate on christmas knitting more too. And then I think I'm going to start off in January working on the Skacel ad sweater, followed by Branching out #2. At least for those two projects I already have the yarn for!

Over the weekend I did a lot more reading than knitting. I'm just about to the toe decreases on Jodi's second sock but it's not really worth photographing since it looks just like its mate. I'm not too worried about finishing the Waverly cardigan on time bceause I'm scheduled to work christmas eve and christmas day (48 hour shift) and all I do basically is sit and watch tv or knit or surf the net (well... I do other things like talk with residents and paperwork and crap like that but it doesn't take too long to do those things. I work at a residential home for pregnant women and their babies in case you are slightly confused.). We are not planning on having our family Christmas until Jan 1 anyway so I have an extra week than you all... (ha ha ha... :P). The waverly cardigan isn't hard... it's just kind of boring... for some reason... yeah figure that one out!!!

Funny story... Callie and Taylor got bumped up to the Advanced preschool gymnastics class which we didn't find out until we got there (Adv. class starts at 10 and the regular starts at 9:15) so... i suggested we go to the knitting store or target until their new class started. Callie wanted to go to the knitting store right away because she "needs new needles" Callie then goes on to say, " I'm making you a scarf, mommy. I need new needles so I can knit all day long.... like you do." I found that comment kind of funny coming from a four year old bright and early on Saturday morning! True... I do get a lot of knitting done when I go home to my parents house, but I have been reading a book called, The Other Boleyn Girl and am about halfway through it now. It is so so so so so good!!! If you know anything about King Henry VIII or even if you just like royalty or whatnot... you need to read this!!!

Anyway... Oprah's about to start so... bye!

Friday, December 02, 2005

off to see the wizard...

Bye kids! I'm outtie for the weekend... going home to see the babies and will *hopefully* have some knitting progress to update ya'll on when I get back Sunday night. Have a good weekend all!!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Me and My "Cave"

I'm a little bored... waiting for my roomie to get back from work so that we can go to the post office and mail stuff. I have a (very) belated birthday gift to mail to my friends daughter (that was Oct 28... It was sitting in my desk drawer for the longest time), and one for my SP. So... I decided to take a picture of where I spend the majority of my day... in my little homely cave. First we have a picture of my cave from the hallway... see how teeny it is? That big black metal thing is actual my (twin size) bed lofted. I just cannot live without my puppy (papasan) chair so... up went the bed.

In those plastic drawers in the lower left hand side is filled with sewing stuff (fabric, patterns... whatnot) and other crafty goodies like polymer clay and soap stuff. Next to it are two small containers (a basket and a tucker tote thinggee) that have random knitting stuff in them. In the pink striped bag (Victoria's Secret shopping bag) is my current knitting projects... all socks it seems). Oh... and yes I do have a purple puppy chair cushion. I bought the chair from Pier 1 and got a cream colored cushion with it... but I found a seller on ebay that made covers for papasan chairs so.... I bought a purple one... When I move I'll probably have to get a burgundy one to match the couch that my mom is making me take but we'll deal with that when the time comes!!!

Next is the view from my desk of my tv, hamster, radio, and knitting stuff that I took with me to school. At home I have another one of those wire things half filled with yarn too.
(Callie and Taylor's gymnastics pictures from last year are pinned to the side of that tapestry draped over the top of the wire rack. I bought those huge pins to put on my backpack but they kept falling off) All other pictures of Cal and Tay are taped to the outside of my door.

Lastly we have the view from my puppy chair of my messy messy desk. I opted not to clean it before the picture because it would jsut get messy again. I know that it looks like my laptop is floating in midair but I have it on one of thsoe riser things and I have an additional keyboard hooked up. I needed the keyboard because I spilled Smirnoff Ice on the one on my laptop and most of the keys are sticky now... Oops! Ignore the empty diet coke cans lined up on the side... and if you click on the pick you get to see (maybe if the pic gets large enough) my small knitting book collection! (left side of bookshelf).

Lastly... I leave you with a cute picture of me taken about lunchtime today ... sitting at my desk.
No new knitting content today... I slept a lot yesterday (feel fine today now) and worked on the mate to that sock I showed ya'll yesterday... still working on the leg part, but I'm past the ribbing!