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Monday, December 05, 2005

"December Resolutions"

So... I have decided that I cannot cast on or buy yarn for any new project until Jan 1. I want to start keeping track of Finished Objects by year and I don't want to start 2006 off with half finished projects..! This way also, I 'll be able to concentrate on christmas knitting more too. And then I think I'm going to start off in January working on the Skacel ad sweater, followed by Branching out #2. At least for those two projects I already have the yarn for!

Over the weekend I did a lot more reading than knitting. I'm just about to the toe decreases on Jodi's second sock but it's not really worth photographing since it looks just like its mate. I'm not too worried about finishing the Waverly cardigan on time bceause I'm scheduled to work christmas eve and christmas day (48 hour shift) and all I do basically is sit and watch tv or knit or surf the net (well... I do other things like talk with residents and paperwork and crap like that but it doesn't take too long to do those things. I work at a residential home for pregnant women and their babies in case you are slightly confused.). We are not planning on having our family Christmas until Jan 1 anyway so I have an extra week than you all... (ha ha ha... :P). The waverly cardigan isn't hard... it's just kind of boring... for some reason... yeah figure that one out!!!

Funny story... Callie and Taylor got bumped up to the Advanced preschool gymnastics class which we didn't find out until we got there (Adv. class starts at 10 and the regular starts at 9:15) so... i suggested we go to the knitting store or target until their new class started. Callie wanted to go to the knitting store right away because she "needs new needles" Callie then goes on to say, " I'm making you a scarf, mommy. I need new needles so I can knit all day long.... like you do." I found that comment kind of funny coming from a four year old bright and early on Saturday morning! True... I do get a lot of knitting done when I go home to my parents house, but I have been reading a book called, The Other Boleyn Girl and am about halfway through it now. It is so so so so so good!!! If you know anything about King Henry VIII or even if you just like royalty or whatnot... you need to read this!!!

Anyway... Oprah's about to start so... bye!


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Your daughter sounds like a sweetie. My eldest likes the results of knitting, but he shows no interest in learning how to do it himself.


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