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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Me and My "Cave"

I'm a little bored... waiting for my roomie to get back from work so that we can go to the post office and mail stuff. I have a (very) belated birthday gift to mail to my friends daughter (that was Oct 28... It was sitting in my desk drawer for the longest time), and one for my SP. So... I decided to take a picture of where I spend the majority of my day... in my little homely cave. First we have a picture of my cave from the hallway... see how teeny it is? That big black metal thing is actual my (twin size) bed lofted. I just cannot live without my puppy (papasan) chair so... up went the bed.

In those plastic drawers in the lower left hand side is filled with sewing stuff (fabric, patterns... whatnot) and other crafty goodies like polymer clay and soap stuff. Next to it are two small containers (a basket and a tucker tote thinggee) that have random knitting stuff in them. In the pink striped bag (Victoria's Secret shopping bag) is my current knitting projects... all socks it seems). Oh... and yes I do have a purple puppy chair cushion. I bought the chair from Pier 1 and got a cream colored cushion with it... but I found a seller on ebay that made covers for papasan chairs so.... I bought a purple one... When I move I'll probably have to get a burgundy one to match the couch that my mom is making me take but we'll deal with that when the time comes!!!

Next is the view from my desk of my tv, hamster, radio, and knitting stuff that I took with me to school. At home I have another one of those wire things half filled with yarn too.
(Callie and Taylor's gymnastics pictures from last year are pinned to the side of that tapestry draped over the top of the wire rack. I bought those huge pins to put on my backpack but they kept falling off) All other pictures of Cal and Tay are taped to the outside of my door.

Lastly we have the view from my puppy chair of my messy messy desk. I opted not to clean it before the picture because it would jsut get messy again. I know that it looks like my laptop is floating in midair but I have it on one of thsoe riser things and I have an additional keyboard hooked up. I needed the keyboard because I spilled Smirnoff Ice on the one on my laptop and most of the keys are sticky now... Oops! Ignore the empty diet coke cans lined up on the side... and if you click on the pick you get to see (maybe if the pic gets large enough) my small knitting book collection! (left side of bookshelf).

Lastly... I leave you with a cute picture of me taken about lunchtime today ... sitting at my desk.
No new knitting content today... I slept a lot yesterday (feel fine today now) and worked on the mate to that sock I showed ya'll yesterday... still working on the leg part, but I'm past the ribbing!


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