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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Classes have started...

So... classes have started and I feel as though I've been sucked into a tornado. I feel like I must be doing something constructive at all times. I'm already a day or two ahead of homework and ... I'm starting to feel like a big dork.

Seriously Tara... slow down! Put the books away! Pick up the needles and veg in front of the tv!!!

These are the classes I'm currently taking:
  • Christian Worship (required upper division theology class... ugh... stupid private catholic universities!!!! (taught by a gay theologian....like him and the class though)
  • Studies in Contemporary Literature (taught by a Sister)(I'm liking this class so far)
  • Applied Behavioral Statistics (have already taken a higher stats class but this one is required for acceptance into the psych program... taught by a Sister... who says this should be an easy A for me. Yay!)
  • Psychology of Gender (LOVE THIS CLASS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Readings in Psychology (one credit class that meets every other wednesday. We're going to be reading Monkeyluv by Robert Sapolsky. Looks VERY interesting... can't wait to get started!!!

On top of classes starting... I've been sick... not like poopie feeling sick... but like your concentrating so hard on not coughing up goobers in class that you can't think about anything else kind of sick... bleh.... I'm starting to feel a little bit better though finally... I can't imagine how Taylor felt (who I caught it from)

After MUCH MUCH MUCH deliberation, I've decided to join the Knitting Olympics. I've decided on the Skacel medallion sweater pattern that I received as a secret pal gift from Amy last october. Not too much of a stretch I don't think, but not too terribly easy either. I'm also really unsure of how many exams and papers I'll have during that time so I didn't want something with a lot of colorwork to do, or something on teeny tiny needles!

I guess that's really it for me... I am just about finished with the neck of the Giraffe Sweater. I'll probably try to finish that up tonight... since I really havne't got anything else going on... and it snowed today and has been kind of chilly lately... I NEED A NEW SWEATER!!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

whoo doggie...

I'm so doped up on Children's triaminic it's so not funny... seriously... I'm not able to drive I'm so doped!

Anyway... last weekend Taylor had a cold and she slept with me and well... she must have hacked in my face while we slept cause well... I'm sick now... and since I've acquired a taste for children's cough syrup... I bought the (very yummy) berry punch flavored Triaminic. but... the dosage guidelines only go to age twelve... so what does this smart girl do? Sip the bottle... damn i'm so dumb... the contents of the bottle magically disapperared...imagine that!

No wonder they don't make adult cough medicine taste good. There'd be a few too many accidental suicides on NyQuil if it didn't taste like poo!

So... I'm tipsy on cough medicine... at least i'm not coughing up a lung and wiping my snot on old kleenexes! HA! In fact... I feel GREAT!!!!! ha ha ha...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Lizzie" - the Knitted Babe

This is Lizzie, before she got stuffed. She's loving being a nudist right now but since her momma is making her wear clothes, she's requested an elegant ball gown (go figure). She will model her new dress as soon as it's finished!

I've added a "On my sewing table" list on the sidebar. All say 0% but some are actually cut out and ready to go... some are not.

About the child support issue... I waved the right to child support until Joey is done with college (as suggested by my mother). while he is in school he doens't work and during the summers he works for his dad (who owns his own construction company). Right after the girls were born his b*tch of a mother told my mom that they would just pay joey in cash or put his checks in his sister's name so that it would appear that he made no money. (What a nice grandma huh? By the way.... no money = no court ordered child support). So now even when he finishes (by the way... hes been taking his sweet time finishing too) he won't have to pay back child support. Gosh... everytime I talk about this I get cranky... Hes just so... selfish. If he does get the girls something or takes time out of his "busy" schedule to come to a program or something of theirs he has to make such a big deal out of the fact that he did so. His university is 1.5 hours away... Mine is 3.5!!!!!! I come home every weekend that I'm not working... He comes home... when it's convenient for him to do so. He maybe came home about 2 times (that were not holidays) during the fall semester. So really... he's not going to see them any less than he does now. There is NO WAY I'm going to let him push me around on this issue. The babies ARE GOING to live with me next year. He's just going to have to deal with it and maybe plan ahead for once in his life to see his only daughters.


*whips out the knitting to de-stress*

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still Here.... Still Knitting

I'm still alive! I just haven't felt like taking pictures and blogging and all that good stuff... Too much shopping wears a girl out!

Anyway... I ended up finishing all but the Waverly Cardigan in time for Christmas. I knew that I wouldn't finish it unless I really kicked it into high gear... and I was just too lazy . So I bought my mom a quilting book with funny stories in it, similar to the ones that the Yarn Harlot writes. I'll finish it in time for her to receive as a Mothers' Day gift. She wouldn't be able to wear it until then anyway since it's lacy and we live in minnesota.

Suprisingly... I didn't get a whole lot of knitting stuff. I got Knitting Over the Edge, and a few pairs of bamboo circs. I did get a whole slew of giftcards to use on stuff for the new apartment and an Ipod mini so.... i don't have much to complain about!

Speaking of the new apartment... Jake made it official... he's going to live with us next year!!!!

Callie and Taylor's dad has been putting up a stink about the babies living with me. He claims it's not good for kids to move so often (they'd start kindergarten in the fall and then more than likely we would move againt he following summer). Whatever joe... the younger you move a child the better... I went to two different schools for kindergarten and then yet another school for 1st grade... I barely remember that time and it did not affect me at all. And then he says that its not fair to him either. Whatever joe... you are hardly ever home as it is. You are the visiting parent and you've never had them more than a few days at a time... They WANT to live with me. My mom is behind me on this one and will stick up for me, which is huge because my mom has always been the one to tell me to back down and just kind of let joey and his family have their way (their last name... holidays... no child support... etc.) "Don't burn your bridges" is what she's always said. So... basically I feel like I've been Joey's doormat for the last 5 years.

I'm getting cranky just writing all this stuff out... rar... I gotta go do some stress knitting.