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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Classes have started...

So... classes have started and I feel as though I've been sucked into a tornado. I feel like I must be doing something constructive at all times. I'm already a day or two ahead of homework and ... I'm starting to feel like a big dork.

Seriously Tara... slow down! Put the books away! Pick up the needles and veg in front of the tv!!!

These are the classes I'm currently taking:
  • Christian Worship (required upper division theology class... ugh... stupid private catholic universities!!!! (taught by a gay theologian....like him and the class though)
  • Studies in Contemporary Literature (taught by a Sister)(I'm liking this class so far)
  • Applied Behavioral Statistics (have already taken a higher stats class but this one is required for acceptance into the psych program... taught by a Sister... who says this should be an easy A for me. Yay!)
  • Psychology of Gender (LOVE THIS CLASS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Readings in Psychology (one credit class that meets every other wednesday. We're going to be reading Monkeyluv by Robert Sapolsky. Looks VERY interesting... can't wait to get started!!!

On top of classes starting... I've been sick... not like poopie feeling sick... but like your concentrating so hard on not coughing up goobers in class that you can't think about anything else kind of sick... bleh.... I'm starting to feel a little bit better though finally... I can't imagine how Taylor felt (who I caught it from)

After MUCH MUCH MUCH deliberation, I've decided to join the Knitting Olympics. I've decided on the Skacel medallion sweater pattern that I received as a secret pal gift from Amy last october. Not too much of a stretch I don't think, but not too terribly easy either. I'm also really unsure of how many exams and papers I'll have during that time so I didn't want something with a lot of colorwork to do, or something on teeny tiny needles!

I guess that's really it for me... I am just about finished with the neck of the Giraffe Sweater. I'll probably try to finish that up tonight... since I really havne't got anything else going on... and it snowed today and has been kind of chilly lately... I NEED A NEW SWEATER!!!!!!


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Your classes sound fascinating!

At 12:01 PM, Blogger amylovie said...

I can't wait to see how the Skacel sweater turns out. Hope you get to feeling better.



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