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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Olympics start TODAY!?!?!?!?!?!

Where the hell have I been!? So guess how prepared I am... I haven't really looked at the pattern much since I got it back in October. I thought I had the correct needle size. Yeah... I have the right size to START it. At row 14, I need to switch to circulars. Row 32, add another circular. So... before I head home tonight... I need to pick up two size 15 circs. Grr.... In case you forgot (bad bad bad reader...) this is the project I'm working on for the Olympics:
Yup... it was in IK and other knitting mags last fall. Anywho...

I think that the flame is officially like now in Torino (it's 4:30 central time, USA) but the opening ceremony isn't airing until 7pm tonight on NBC.

Since I'm assuming that the flame is lit and I will be driving when it is being aired in MN, I started on the sleeve (which is knit back and forth on size 15s...of which I have a set of straights). This is how far I got while watching part of Dr. Phil and Oprah:
(It looks black and white but... it was taken with my new camera phone which doesn't have flash) That is exactly one ball of yarn. I have 9 more to go! Knitting this won't be the challenge to me. It'll be the finishing and blocking part that'll be coming down to the wire. Anyone want to make bets on it!?

I'm going home this weekend so I'm all packed and ready to go!
Here's what's inside:
Let's see what we have up there...
  • yarn (enough for the project)
  • pattern
  • scissors
  • random needles from other projects (also handy as stitch holders)
  • row counter
  • reciept from LYS
  • knitpicks catalog
  • random patterns from other projects
  • laxatives (cause... you know... you just never know... ok ok... I was at Jake's a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't... you know.... GO)
  • yarn scraps (aka waste yarn)
  • 2 Chibis
  • Wasted by Aiden Shaw (reading it for my English class)
  • pencil and pen
  • that Do Not Eat silica thing that I've never taken out of the bag
  • stitch holder / stitch markers
  • paper bag from LYS
  • chapstick
  • picture of my babies with santa
Yep... I think that'll hold me!

What...? I need to bring clothes...? what? deodarant... socks and underwear....? Who needs that stuff when there's knittin' to be done!!!


At 8:25 PM, Blogger amylovie said...

You can do it. I'll be rooting for you!



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